Frame It EasyAs of July 22nd 2019, Wholesale Mat Boards will be Frame It Easy! After this date, all orders will be made through Frame It Easy as Wholesale Mat Boards' shop will no longer be active. For more information, click here.

How are Mat Boards cut?

Someone from our staff programs a sophisticated mat board cutting machine that can cut in a multiple of different configurations and combinations. The machine can cut a single mat at a time, multiple mats at a time, and mats with multiple openings and positions. Different opening types, lettering, embossing, designs, text, signatures and a host of other possible options are available.

Mat boards with an opening window purchased on our website will automatically have a beveled edge, which is typically a 45 degree cut. In addition, most of the outside cuts will also typically be beveled for speed in production. Mat board Backings may or may not be a strait cut (depending on order size, type and production techniques).

Special Custom Orders also have a beveled outside cut unless you specify otherwise when ordering.

Typical tolerance for mat cuts are +/- 1/16".

If any of the available different options are needed, or for more details about Bulk Custom Mat orders, please contact us.