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Double Mats

Double Mat Boards

The steps below can be used as a guideline to help you order double mats.

What is a Double Mat?

A double mat is 2 separate mats, consisting of one top mat, and one bottom accent mat. The bottom accent mat opening should be slightly smaller than your print/picture. The top mat opening should be slightly larger than the bottom mat opening.

How do I order a Double Mat?

We will explain how to order 16" x 20" double mats, for an 11" x 14" picture. The OD (Outer Dimension) of the Bottom mat would be 16" x 20", the ID (Inner Dimension) would typically be 10 1/2" x 13 1/2". This will allow for 1/4" of the perimeter of the 11" x 14" artwork to be hidden (Essentially taped from the back) underneath the opening of the bottom mat. The Top Mat would also have an OD of 16" x 20", however the ID would typically be 11" x 14". This will expose 1/4" of the bottom mat window perimeter (1/4" Reveal), and will create the accent color or double mat effect. Although the 1/2" increment is typically the norm, we allow our customers to choose what they feel will work best for their artwork by ordering each mat separately. Please just keep in mind that when dealing with matting, correct measurements are essential, and one must always think about perimeter measurements. Hence, if an ID window is 1/2" smaller, the perimeter will be effected by 1/4", not 1/2". Most frames also typically cover 1/4" of the perimeter of what is framed as well. For the majority of customers, 1/2" smaller on the window size works out perfect.