What is a Mat Board Core?

The mat board core is the center material of the mat board. Mat board cores come in a variety of thicknesses, such as 4-ply and 6-ply. All of the mat boards on our website are 4-ply, which is approximately .052" - .060" thick. The core color is simply the color of this material.

Is the mat board core visible?

Yes. Mat boards with an opening window have a beveled edge, which is a 45 degree cut. This allows for approximately 1/16" of the mat core to be visible. The image to the right shows a double mat, with each mat having a beveled cut. You can click the link below the image to toggle between a white core mat and a cream core mat to see the difference.

What color mat board cores do you offer?

WholesaleMatBoards.com sells three different color mat cores: Cream, White, and Black.