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What is a Mat Board?

Various Mat Boards

A mat board, sometimes referred to as a mat, is a cardboard-like material, which sits between a frame and your photograph or artwork to give it a more finished look. Mat boards range in a variety of colors and cores, depending on your needs.

What is the purpose of a mat?

The two main purposes of mat board are for decoration and protection. Mat boards can serve as an additional decoration to your photograph or artwork. When the right color is chosen, it can help draw your eye towards the framed piece. Mat boards also protect the photograph or artwork by separating it from the glass (Lens Cover). This is important because condensation can build up inside of the glass, which can result in water damage to the framed piece.

Are your mat boards acid-free?

All mat board stocked by conforms to industry standards. They are marketed as acid free by their manufacturers.